Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Point Monster Tournament at the Pinball Asylum Part 2

So, going back to the Point Monster Tournament at the Pinball Aslyum, (for more on the event, check out PART 1 on my blog) there were two tournament events, with one small high score competition for a box of designer chocolate.

Outer Space!

The high score competition was on a Gottlieb EM game called Outer Space, anyone could enter it for 5 dollars and try for the high score, if they had it by the end of the day on Sunday, you won the box (which looked amazing btw, it came from Norman Love Confections, and was valued at 80 dollars). My buddy Howard Levine (fellow pinball aficionado and hardcore tournament player from NY) won it, he seemed very happy.
Howard rocking the win with his prize!

The first of the larger tournament events was a Classics tournament (traditionally games that were produced before 1985) and was held during Saturday. For participants it was worth 12.5 IFPA points and featured a bank of 5 games, Hot DogginJungle PrincessPhoenixSurf Champ, and Voltan. Entry was 10 dollars for 3 game plays so one technically needed two entries to have a shot at qualifying for the finals. Qualifying was from 11 AM till 7:30 PM on Saturday and Finals began after that until completion. In the end, the final four winners were Dan Coyle (1st, Winner), Spencer Carey (2nd), Ron Donohue (3rd), and Jeff Palmer (4th). It was very cool to watch them play.

Here are the winners:
L to R: Ron, Spencer, Dan, Jeff

Stay tuned for my third part on the Point Monster Tournament!

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